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Dynamic Bucketing Portfolios

The power of advanced math, financial data and innovative technology to deliver dynamic bucketing portfolios

Wealth CAP dynamic bucketing portfolios are powered by an innovative, bucketing model, which includes but is not limited to: valuation, balance sheet strength, improving financials, price momentum, sentiment, and a broad range of technical factors.

Wealth CAP dynamic bucketing portfolios are grounded in the belief that more relevant information is preferred to less. The value-add of the Wealth CAP portfolios comes from the stability of using a quality, time-tested 100+ factor model, which covers the investment disciplines of fundamentals, technicals, sentiment, and momentum.

Innovative Dynamic Bucketing Investment Model

Wealth CAP innovative bucketing portfolios is a new take on introducing true diversification to investor portfolios.
Imagine diversifying your assets into a bucketing system where each bucket internally protected from each other while also being diversified by asset classes:

  • Bucket 1: Market Investments
  • Bucket 2: Alternative Investments
  • Bucket 3: Safe Investments
  • Bucket 4: 401h* (Only 401k Plan)

This is what Wealth CAP methodology introduces to advisors.

Freedom to invest where you want in alternative, safe, and traditional investments with
self-directed option.
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