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Smarter Analytics. Smarter Investing.

Wealth CAP innovative bucketing portfolios is a new take on introducing true diversification to investor portfolios. Imagine diversifying your assets into a bucketing system where each bucket internally protected from each other while also being diversified by asset classes:

  • Bucket 1: Market Investments
  • Bucket 2: Alternative Investments
  • Bucket 3: Safe Investments
  • Bucket 4: 401h* (Only 401k Plan)

This is what the Wealth CAP methodology introduces to investors.

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Our Offerings

  • Innovative, risk tolerance mathcing US-based:
    • Equity investment portfolios
    • Alternative investment portfolios
    • Safe investment portfolios
  • Dynamic portfolios designed to address changing markets
  • Proprietary research and analytics drive the investment process
  • Cutting-edge algorithms and technology reduce client fees
  • Research, education, and portfolio transparency

Freedom to invest where you want in alternative, safe, and traditional investments with
self-directed option.
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