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About Us

Our benefits are rooted in ...

Our dynamic bucketing portfolios, innovative technology, portfolio rebalancing, and our low flat monthly fee pricing …

Dynamic Bucketing Portfolio

We provide investors with dynamic bucketing portfolios, customized to their stated risk tolerances. What makes our dynamic bucketing portfolios unique is that each bucket within the system is individually protected from each other while also being diversified by asset classes.


Our technology allows us to seamlessly automate complex investment factors that are academically backed and utilized by many of the world’s top investment institutions.


Regular rebalancing keeps our dynamic bucketing portfolios in line with the goals and risk tolerance of the client’s selected strategy.


At Wealth CAP we don’t think in today’s day and age investors should have to pay a percent of their assets in management fees. We offer easy to understand, transparent, low flat monthly fee pricing.

Freedom to invest where you want in alternative, safe, and traditional investments with
self-directed option.
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