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Why WealthCAP for Individuals

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  • Not saving fast enough?
  • Frustrated with high fees and limited choices?
  • Everything tied to Wall Street?
  • Tired of unpredictable returns?

Take Control of Your Retirement (brokerage and IRA accounts)

  • Invest where you want with a self-directed option
  • Alternative investments with predictable, contractual returns (e.g. real estate, oil/gas, precious metals)
  • Traditional market investments (e.g. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, EFT’s)
  • Safe investments (e.g. cash value life insurance, fixed annuities, fixed index annuities, and CD’s)

Comprehensive Financial Roadmap Planning

  • Organize all the pieces of your financial puzzle.
  • Determine where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, and map out how to get to your retirement destination.
  • Roadmap development process built around finances, social security planning, student load elimination, debt reduction planning, tax planning, medicare planning, education planning, estate planning, reallocation planning, and budget planning.

Individual Financial Wellness Education

An on-demand financial education program from the comfort of your home geared toward bridging the financial education gap of individuals


  • Large percent of americans living paycheck to paycheck regardless of income
  • Student loan debt on the rise
  • Lack of savings (i.e. emergency funds)
  • Most Americans lack a comprehensive retirement plan
  • Enhance your corporate benefits education
  • Enhance your investment understanding
  • Major investments
  • Long term care planning

Wealth CAP is True Diversification Beyond Asset Classes

Imagine diversifying your assets into a bucketing system where each bucket internally protected from each other while also being diversified by asset classes:

  • Bucket 1: Market Investments
  • Bucket 2: Alternative Investments
  • Bucket 3: Safe Investments

Wealth CAP gives you Gains, Liquidity, and Protection

Traditionally you can only get two of these three choices under most circumstances. For example, if you wanted to invest in the Stock Market, you will have the potential for gains and liquidity. However, you will lose protection. If you, on the other hand, wanted to be in a cash position (holding your money in a bank), you will have liquidity and protection but will lose gains. This rule tends to be consistent across the board for all investments today.


So, how do we solve this issue? We’ve changed the playing field by creating a process which allows our clients to take advantage of all three choices: Gains, Liquidity, and Protection within a unified strategy – the Wealth CAP Strategy.

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Wealth CAP vs Others

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Freedom to invest where you want in alternative, safe, and traditional investments with
self-directed option.
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