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Wealth Cap Investments
Tired of inconsistent returns?

Plagued by underperforming investments, high fees, and limited choices?

Invest Differently.

Go self-directed and truly
diversify among traditional,
alternative, an safe

Spreading your money across stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is not true diversification.

Learn why

Self-Directed 401k: How is this possible for small businesses?

In our last blog post, we dived into the reason to invest in the market.  Today, Wealth CAP, a unique...

Reasons to Invest in Market Investments

In our last blog post, we dived into a bit more detail on market investments, which includes stocks,

The Importance of Market Investments in a Well Diversified Portfolio

Spreading your eggs out in multiple baskets is the only sure-fire way to mitigate risk in your retirement

Small Business 401k Health Check

Plan Performance Do you know what your 5-year average 401k performance? If you don’t know, check for

Six Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

So, you want to create a financial strategy? Whether it is for your children’s college, retirement

What is a 401h Plan?

Most people have never heard of a 401h plan. In fact, when mentioned in print, a lot of people assume...

Hedging versus Diversification: What’s the Difference?

Wealth CAP has developed dynamic bucketing portfolios (DBPs) in order to diversify your assets while

Factors to Diversifying Your Portfolio You Need to Know

You know you need to diversify your investments, especially if you are planning your retirement strategy.

What is Diversification in Investments and Why You Need Diversification in Your Retirement Strategy

Any word that is six syllables long gives us reason to pause, especially in today’s society where there

What is a Mutual Fund?

Do you know what a mutual fund is? Odds are, you’ve heard of one and odds are you probably even...

What is an Annuity?

Besides being hard to say, an annuity is hard to understand. Annuities, however, have been around since

Introduction to Life Insurance

As any parent will tell you, bringing a baby into this world is a gift. In your hands you hold...

How to Start Saving for Retirement

When you’re young, retirement seems so far away. And who wants to begin saving for retirement when you

Tax Benefits of an IRA

Wealth CAP is a retirement plan company that believes in the use of IRAs (individual retirement accounts)

Types of IRAs

In our series of IRA articles, Wealth CAP, a leader in retirement income planning, will review the types

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Our Mission:

To give advisors a new approach to help your clients reach their retirement goals.

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